Injury Aug 2018

Plantar heel pain part 3

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Injury Aug 2018

Injuries around the 5th metatarsal base. So MUCH confusion!

There are many things that can cause pain around the base of the 5th MT, and, a lot of cunfusion!

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Injury Aug 2018

What MIGHT work for Plantar Heel Pain: part 2 of the series

If you use ESWT, manual therapies, stretching, night splints or strengthening as a part of your treatment of PHP, read this!

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Injury Aug 2018

Plantar Heel Pain: How you treat it may not be evidence based

The most comon condition we treat and there are a million ways to treat it. But, according to the evidence, what REALLY works?

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Opinion Jul 2018

For runners and outdoor enthusiasts, tick borne disease is a real concern

Ticks are endemic in some regions of Europe, Asia and the USA. They transmit serious diseases like Lyme Disease.

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Footwear Jul 2018

A collection of footwear infographics

If you speak English, French, Dutch, Flemish, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian or Greek, here are my hugely popular infographics!

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News Jul 2018

Welcome to the ALL NEW Bartold Clinical

The new website is finally here. Tell us what you think and give us your suggestions.

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Injury Jul 2018

Gluteal tendinopathy: A concise overview of current evidence

The Running Physio, Mr.Tom Goom from the UK, on the very topical subject of gluteal tendinopathy.

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News Jul 2018

Does taping work for plantar heel pain? A new clinical prediction rule

I use taping routinely for my plantar heel pain patients. But is there a way we can predict better outcomes with taping?

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News Jun 2018

The way we treat non-traumatic MSK pain is failing

Those who treat sports injuries and MSK issues are swamped by the suggestion that what we habitually do is NOT evidence based.

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Footwear Jun 2018

The truth about MAXimalist shoes! New infographic

Another study concludes that "runners experienced a higher impact peak and increased loading rate with maximal shoes".

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