Injury Jul 2018

Gluteal tendinopathy: A concise overview of current evidence

The Running Physio, Mr.Tom Goom from the UK, on the very topical subject of gluteal tendinopathy.

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News Jul 2018

Does taping work for plantar heel pain? A new clinical prediction rule

I use taping routinely for my plantar heel pain patients. But is there a way we can predict better outcomes with taping?

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News Jun 2018

The way we treat non-traumatic MSK pain is failing

Those who treat sports injuries and MSK issues are swamped by the suggestion that what we habitually do is NOT evidence based.

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Footwear Jun 2018

The truth about MAXimalist shoes! New infographic

Another study concludes that "runners experienced a higher impact peak and increased loading rate with maximal shoes".

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Injury Jun 2018

Why tibial stress fractures occur posteromedially... usually!

Tibial stress fractures, almost always occur on the posterior aspect of the tibia. Now, why is that?

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Footwear Jun 2018

The TRUTH about Motion Control and Cushioning

The notion that motion control in running shoes will protect from or reduce injury has never been scientifically established.

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Footwear Jun 2018

It is winter in Australia, and thoughts turn to trail running. What about the shoes?

Our ski mountains have just had over a metre of snow dumped on them and it is very early in the season.

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Footwear Jun 2018

Maximalist shoes: Some bad press from ACSM 2018

Maximalist shoes, in particular, Hoka, have flown somewhat under the radar in relation to research findings.

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News Jun 2018

Risk classification of patients referred to secondary care for low back pain

Comparing two screening tools, the STarT Back Screening Tool against the Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire.

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Science May 2018

Metatarsophalangeal joint extension changes ultrasound measurements for plantar fascia thickness

An interesting new paper with important implications for measurement of plantar facial thickness.

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