Opinion Aug 2019

The rise of anatomical lasts - is this the end of orthosis prescription?

Why for some. orthoses will be a thing of the past

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Opinion Aug 2019

Athletic footwear: what you NEED to know!

This video is a goldmine of info on running shoe!

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Opinion Aug 2019

How to tape for Achilles tendon pain

An instructional video for Achilles tendon pain

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News Aug 2019

Is gait retraining the answer?

I see some parallels here with minimalism.. is it a cure all?

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Injury Jul 2019

An association between Achilles tendinopathy, blood supply and pronation?

any support for the concept pronation reduces blood supply to the achilles?

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News Jul 2019

Foot orthoses and patellofemoral pain: frontal plane effects during running

is it all about forward transition?

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