Injury Oct 2018

Hallux Rigidus: A tough nut to crack!

One of the most troubling conditions in all of sports medicine

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Opinion Oct 2018

How should we run?

Good form running, gait retraining, overstriding.. how should we run? Is there one best way?

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Opinion Sep 2018

Clarification on the effect of leukocytes in the treatment of tendinopathy with Platelet Rich Plasma.

Leukocyte rich or leukocyte porr PRP? What does it mean and does it matter?

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Science Sep 2018

Using ultrasound to image lower limb stress fractures

Diagnostic ultrasound images stress fractures with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity

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Injury Sep 2018

Non resolving ankle pain? look for Osteochondral fractures

Let's explore one of the most consistent causes of non-resolving pain after significant inversion injury.

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Science Aug 2018

What MIGHT work for Achilles tendinopathy

In part 2 of this 3 part series, we investigate what has limited evidence of efficacy!

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Science Aug 2018

Achilles tendinopathy: What does not work, what might work, and what definitely works!

This is part 1 of a 3 part series investigating the common therapies for Achilles tendinopathy. Those without evidence base.

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Opinion Aug 2018

Let's talk about Muscle Energy Technique. Is it just another fad?

The MET has gained wide accceptance in chiroractic and osteopathy and is now creeping into physio. Does it work?

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Injury Aug 2018

Plantar Heel Pain part 3. The final chapter!

Here is the final part of my PHP series. What the evidence says works!

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Injury Aug 2018

Injuries around the 5th metatarsal base. So MUCH confusion!

There are many things that can cause pain around the base of the 5th MT, and, a lot of cunfusion!

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