The Weekly News!

Today I introduce an exciting new vlog for you, which will become a weekly feature of Bartold Clinical.

The Bartold Clinical Weekly news will feature a smartly dressed news reporter with a head for radio and golden tonsils, featuring a story of interest each week.

Together we will dissect a recent paper of clinical significance that might make a difference to the way you manage your patients.

SO wherever you may be, in the car, aircraft or train, perhaps in your office, or even that coveted quiet moment of contemplation and solitude in the bathroom, turn off the video, turn up the audio, and enjoy this, our very first episode of Bartold Clinical Weekly News!

What we will cover today:

Do you remember the old heat lamp that your dad used to hire from the chemist and use to treat his dodgy tennis elbow? It had a stupendous placebo effect, but realistically probably nothing beyond!

Today we look at a new take on the use of Infrared radiation to treat sports injury, specifically in elite soccer players.

This is a relatively new form of therapy called Far Infrared Radiation Therapy or FIRT (use caution and be sure not to accidentally insert A instead of I).

Full disclosure, I was extremely sceptical of this paper on the first read because generally, I am not a fan of machines that go “beep’ in the management of athletes and sports injury.

However, I think you will find this vlog pretty interesting, and quite thought-provoking, so, let’s jump into it!

Reference cited in this video:

Hsieh, C., Nosaka, K., Chou, T., Hsu, S., & Chen, T. C. (2022). Effects of Far-Infrared Radiation-Lamp Therapy on Recovery From Simulated Soccer Match Running Activities in Elite Soccer Players, International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance17(9), 1432-1438.


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  1. It begs the question why elite teams are still using “ice therapy/Ice baths” for recovery ? I’ve never been completely onboard with this …heat to me seems much more logical to reduce muscle tension/promote healing ….

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