Opinion September 17, 2020

An opinion on ‘That’ Heel Pain STAP-Study

I have been reading and conducting research for more than…

Opinion August 11, 2020

This boot caused a terrible injury. Time to rethink?

This is the boot that caused an horrific injury to…

News July 13, 2020

An interesting story is breaking out of UK Sport this morning.

British Cycling, who won 8 golds in 2012, and UK…

News June 16, 2020

Foot Orthotic Prescribing: Do we have it right?

The approaches to foot orthotic prescribing evolve over time, as…

Opinion June 5, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast – Part 2 with Dr Martyn Shorten

Shoephoria has never had the same interviewee twice in a…

News May 18, 2020

MSK Online Course Heavily Reduced for One Week Only

COVID-19 has touched every single one of us, and, given…

Opinion May 15, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast Emergency Motion Control Episode

Motion control features in running shoes are a thing of…

Opinion May 4, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast Episode 4 – Dr Codi Ramsey

  Dr Codi Ramsey is a loud and proud scientific…

Opinion April 28, 2020

The Truth About Limb Stiffness and Footwear

We are increasingly hearing terms like lower limb stiffness and…

News April 8, 2020

The Foot Mobilization Technique: Is There Evidence?

I caught up with Ted Jedynak in his swim trunks…





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