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Even More Causes of Sesamoid Pain!

Causes of Sesamoid Pain As we have discussed in the…

Clinical tips December 20, 2021

Bartold Clinical’s Golden Ticket Giveaway

Bartold Clinical’s Golden Ticket To Lower Limb Health Platform Bartold…

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Injury to the Base of the Fifth Metatarsal – More Than Meets the Eye!

Fifth Metatarsal Injuries This is part one of a two-part…

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Top 5 Running Shoe Innovators Over The Past 20 Years – My Number 1

My fellow Bartold Clinical Director and mate Paul Griffin has…

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Is the “Nike Advantage” Greater For Women Than Men?

The Nike Advantage Is the “Nike Advantage” is greater for…

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Sustainable Trends in Running Footwear: What The Science Tells Us – Part 2

Running Footwear Trends In part 1 of Sustainable Trends in…

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Super Shoes Are Not All The Same! Buyer Beware!

Super Shoes Running Economy Hi everyone. I have put together…

News September 21, 2021
News September 9, 2021

Let’s Put This To Bed. Running Does Not Hurt Your Knees!

Does Running Hurt Your Knees? Running is good for you……