Footwear Dec 2018

Segmentation: The scourge of the running footwear industry!

A little diatribe on the issue of segmentation in running footwear! Open access.

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Footwear Nov 2018

Retail is just NOT listening to the current thoughts on pronation!

Everywhere I go, I hear the same thing, retail is still tied to the 'antipronation' and 'control' models of footwear prescriptio

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Footwear Jul 2018

A collection of footwear infographics

If you speak English, French, Dutch, Flemish, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian or Greek, here are my hugely popular infographics!

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Footwear Jun 2018

The truth about MAXimalist shoes! New infographic

Another study concludes that "runners experienced a higher impact peak and increased loading rate with maximal shoes".

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Footwear Jun 2018

The TRUTH about Motion Control and Cushioning

The notion that motion control in running shoes will protect from or reduce injury has never been scientifically established.

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Footwear Jun 2018

It is winter in Australia, and thoughts turn to trail running. What about the shoes?

Our ski mountains have just had over a metre of snow dumped on them and it is very early in the season.

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Footwear Jun 2018

Maximalist shoes: Some bad press from ACSM 2018

Maximalist shoes, in particular, Hoka, have flown somewhat under the radar in relation to research findings.

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Footwear May 2018

If you change your running shoe adjust you training volume

A new study throws a lot of stuff into the mix, but seems confusing in relation to results and conclusions.

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Footwear May 2018

Do orthoses have a role in the treatment of Patellofemoral pain?

Quite a controversial question, is it appropriate to use orthoses in the management of patellofemoral pain, and, do they work?

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Footwear Mar 2018

Minimalist, maximalist, barefoot, cushioning?

I recently listened to a podcast talking in part about footwear in these terms, and postulating what might or might not work.

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