Footwear Oct 2019

Foot movement in a shoe. How much is too much?

and more importantly, what should we be looking at, and what can we do about it?

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Footwear Oct 2019

Cushioning: the state of the nation

We seem to be smothered by "foams". What's it all about? is it necessary?

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Footwear Jun 2019

Stability and neutral running shoes and their effect on knee joint mechanics

The debate rages - do motion control shoes work? Is the frontal plane important, or should we be looking at sagittal

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Footwear Mar 2019

Is there a better way to measure and interpret "impact"?

Traditionally we have been focused on impact in running. And this is measured with a force platform. Is there a better way?

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Footwear Jan 2019

Rocker Bottom Running Shoes: What do they do?

Some claim that these shoes might affect musculoskeletal performance, however, the scientific jury is out!

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