Injury Jul 2019

Blistering can be a serious sports injury!

Blistering.. more than meets the eye.

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Injury Jul 2019

Is ESWT effective for shin pain?

ESWT and shin pain. Is this a realistic option, or just another toy to use?

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Injury Jul 2019

2 important conditions to identify.

Marfan Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome are more common than you think. Do not miss the diagnosis!

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Injury Jul 2019

Specific conditions causing anterior knee pain

Patellofemoral syndrome (PFS) is one of the most common of all sporting issues. Let's take a close look!

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Injury Jun 2019

When your clinical radar HAS to be fully functioning.

Pain in athletes can mask other serious, non sporting diagnoses, non more important than tumour.

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Injury Jun 2019

Sounds like a Roman Senator.. Os Trigonum.. but it is really pesky..

This injury is particularly an issue in the jumping sports and, especially, dance!

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Injury May 2019

Should we treat plantar heel pain and Achilles tendinopathy simultaneously?

We know these two stuctures are intimately associated, but might they co-create symptoms?

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Injury May 2019

Posterior impingement and Os Trigonum taping

how to tape for posterior impingement and os trigonum syndromes

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Injury May 2019

What's the gold-standard treatment of PosteriorTib tendon dysfunction?

This is a difficult and often severely progressive disorder.

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Injury May 2019

Cuboid syndrome - is it real?

There is some controvery over this condition. onee things for sure, it hurts!

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