News Dec 2018

A new research update

All the latest articles of interest to keep you completely up to date!

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Footwear Dec 2018

Segmentation: The scourge of the running footwear industry!

A little diatribe on the issue of segmentation in running footwear! Open access.

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News Dec 2018

Research Update

In-shoe multi-segment foot kinematics of children during the propulsive phase of walking and running, and biomechanical variable

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Injury Dec 2018

Achilles tendon webinar

This webinar covers very recent concepts for the management and rehabilitation of Achilles tendinopathy

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Opinion Nov 2018

Did Steve Prefontaine dope?

Steve Prefontaine is an American Icon, a true running legend, whose story has been retold countless times through many media.

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Footwear Nov 2018

Retail is just NOT listening to the current thoughts on pronation!

Everywhere I go, I hear the same thing, retail is still tied to the 'antipronation' and 'control' models of footwear prescriptio

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Injury Nov 2018

What do you believe? Calcaneal spurs: do they matter?

Do they matter or do they not? WWell, this piece might change your mind!

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News Nov 2018

Postcard from the New york City Marathon 2018

I attended my umpteeth marathon last week, and saw a few surprises!

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Science Oct 2018

The 10 greatest running myths

Here is what the science says about the great myths of running

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