Are compression garments effective?

We have been talking about compression forever, you know, the old RICE with the "C" bit denoting compression.

And I doubt many of us would argue the importance of compression for the very early management of acute injury. But what about compression garments? These days you can buy everything from compression shirts to compression jocks, yes really, take a look below.

compression tights 2.jpg

These bad boys are almost certain to compress the old jatz crackers!

If we believe the blurb behind compression garments, we will know that these improve recovery and maybe assist at a number of other levels. But, is this really true? Is it backed by any science at all, AND, should we be considering compression garments as something more than just a recovery tool?

Might they just be an important part of the armoury we use for fatigue reduction and therefore injury prevention?

Compression is now one of the very common recovery tools used in sport, especially at the elite level. That said, athletes of every level now consider compression garments to reduce or eliminate post game muscle soreness.

But, what we are really interested in is do they work? 

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical