Deconstructing a running shoe. Part 1: The upper

To kick off Christmas and the holidays , I thought we might demystify what has become an extremely complex topic: All the “stuff” that goes into a running shoe. 

This will be in 3 easy to digest parts. It really should not be that complicated, because, in real terms, there are only 3 parts to a shoe...

The upper
The midsole
The outsole

However, those pesky running shoe companies have done a splendid job of muddying the water over the last 30 years by insisting on adding “stuff” to shoes within these 3 distinct zones.

The industry historically has claimed these additions offer performance or protection advantages, but the truth is that in about 80% of cases, this “stuff” does little more than add weight, reduce responsiveness, and confuse the bejesus out of everyone!

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical