Deconstructing a running shoe. Part 2: The midsole

Part 2 on our 3 part series on deconstructing the running shoe focuses on the midsole. 

This little beastie is often endowed with mythical, mystical and magical powers, but I reckon it is a bit overrated. There, I said it!

Okay, so let’s take a look at this and get a handle on what is real, and what is smoke and mirrors. Unfortunately, we can’t have a discussion on the midsole without talking about lasts and lasting.. painful, but it has to be done. I will keep it brief!

There are a few different techniques to attach the upper to the midsole, the process called lasting. All involve wrapping the upper over a resin model of the foot, called, a last!

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical