Do foot orthoses and shock-absorbing insoles work for the prevention of injury?

This is pretty much the question of life for many who have spent a lifetime trying to understand if or how orthoses influence lower limb injury.

An important new paper was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine recently:

Effectiveness of foot orthoses and shock-absorbing insoles for the prevention of injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Bonanno DR, Landorf KB, Munteanu SE, et al.
Br J Sports Med. Published Online First:2017

If you want to read the full paper, I have included it for you in this article: effectiveness of foot orthoses and shock absorbing.pdf

However, my job is to synthesise the key points so here it is...

First up, this is a systematic review and meta-analysis, a very rigorous level of investigation, so we need to pay attention.

Second, this study was quite far reaching, because it looks not only at foot orthoses and shock absorbing insoles but also drills down on the difference in efficacy of prefab vs custom made orthoses and covers 18 publications on the topic, makes it interesting?

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical