Drop: Is it something we should even be discussing?

A little while ago a new word was introduced into the running footwear vernacular. It is a word that has confused me and caused me consternation for at least 7 years. Not because I do not understand it, but because I do not understand why we talk about it!

Just why and when we stopped using far more accurate terms like "pitch" or "gradient" is unknown to me, I do however find the term "drop" really annoying!

To the extent that I recently witnessed an elderly woman, who clearly was not a runner or active sports person of any type, ask the shop professional in a technical retail store what "the drop" was on a shoe she was holding. I mean.. holy moly.. what is THAT all about? She might as well have asked him if the shoe was properly grounded for electron transfer as well.

Now let's be clear here, drop and stack are terms that are often confused or used synonymously. They are however quite different. OK.. so let's see ifwe can explain this wwith acccuracy and bust a few myths about the relevance of "drop"!

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical