Edwin Flack - Australia's first sports superstar!

This is Edwin Flack.. an interesting cat and Australia’s first sports superstar.


Edwin Harold "Teddy" Flack was an Australian athlete and tennis player. He was Australia's first Olympian, being its only representative in 1896 although Australia did not exist at this time.

During the 1896 1500 metres run Flack powered ahead near the end to win by more than five metres in a time of 4:33.2. 

On the fourth day of the Games Flack earned his second first-place medal, winning the 800 metres in 2 min 11.0 sec.

It may be noted that, even by the standards of the time, the times required to win the 800m and 1,500m at the first Olympics were slow. 

A day later Flack tried for a treble, in the marathon, even though he had never run a race more than 10 miles.

He was accompanied by his manservant on bicycle who kept Flack topped up with fresh canapé and champagne.

After 32 kilometres, the lead Frenchman dropped out and Flack was left in the lead. 

Our hero decided to take a nap, tiredness possible exacerbated by volumes of quality champagne and foie gras.

When he awoke he was so delirious that, when a Greek spectator tried to help him, Flack punched him to the ground. 

Flack was removed from the course and tended to by Prince Nicholas.

Alas the treble did not happen.. where were the Vaporfly 4% when you need ‘em?

As the Australian colonies had not yet federated, there was no national anthem or uniform. As such, Flack competed in his Melbourne Grammar School colours.

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