It is winter in Australia, and thoughts turn to trail running. What about the shoes?

But seriously, our ski mountains have just had over a metre of snow dumped on them, and it is very early in the season.

The other thing that happens in winter in Australia is that everyone takes to the hills for some trail running and that gets us thinking about trail running shoes!

BB member Rick, who is a gun trail / road runner and podiatrist to the St.Kilda footy club in the professional Australian league, just posed some ripping question for me.

  1. Trail shoes and HHD. Any science supporting zero to (say) 4 to 6mm HHD on lateral ankle stablity vs 10mm drop in trail running shoes? Or again are we horses for courses type stuff?
  2. Hoka are 4 ish - but big broad bases, hyperstacked so your thoughts on lateral stablity and the base? Beyond 25k I find them a trip hazard, poor feel, but no doubt comfy if I stay upright!
  3. Trail shoes and the ‘edge effect’ - more rounding is like a continuum and provides a sporting chance to stabilize proprioceptively. Yet trail shoes are big squared off outsoles. Your thoughts on design features for trail shoes and what to look for with runners who have been exposed to inversion AS in the past.

Actually rather than being questions in isolation, this is one long series of interlinked questions. They all circle back to each other and it is a topic of particular interest to me.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical