Metatarsalgia... use this term at your peril!

I was absolutely thrilled to recently be asked my thoughts on metatarsalgia, a diagnosis I rate right up there with “headache”.

Imagine the scenario, you have consulted eminent Harley Street Physician Sir Dingleberry Rothbart , and describe your symptoms: “Sir Dingleberry,  I have an aching head”.  “I see” his eminence pontificates.. ‘the diagnosis is clear, you have headache. That will be 200 pounds please.”


An imposter pretenting to be Sir Dingleberry who is NEVER seen in public

So it is with metatarsagia, a diagnosis that fairly makes me froth at the mouth when I hear it has been dispensed on an unsuspecting patient.

Why do I say "use this term at your peril"? Becasue I will hunt you down  and force you to make an actual diagnosis if you do!!

So.. what IS metatarsalgia? Well, Wikipaedia, as it so often does, has nailed the description thus: “Metatarsalgia (literally metatarsal pain, colloquially known as stone bruise) is a general term used to refer to any painful foot condition affecting the metatarsal region of the foot.”

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical