Navicular stress fracture

I was recently asked the following question: 'Had a young football player come in last week with a suspected navicular stress fracture. His club doctor has requested he get a pair of orthotics. Just wondering if you have seen any papers regarding orthotics and their benefit in preventing further navicular stress fractures. Also, is there any golden rules with the prescription of orthotics in these instances.'

So this is what I know about navicular stress fracture and is reprinted from my book, The Foot and Leg in Sport, which is available here.

Tarsal Navicular Stress Fracture

The navicular is often called in the “keystone” of the foot, since its response for linking the rearfoot to the midfoot via the talar navicular articulation and, from an engineering perspective, it is situated at the apex of the medial longitudinal arch and is important in maintaining the structural integrity of the arch.  

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical