Practical Considerations in Choosing Athletic Footwear

Sports people come in all sizes and shapes. Some are performance athletes perhaps even professionals in their chosen sport.

Others just participate for the pure enjoyment of the game and the many benefits physically and mentally that may be derived from being active.

Remaining injury free is a common goal for everyone involved in sport, and athletic footwear plays a big part in this quest.  The human body is an example of engineering excellence.  It is the model for much of the research and design employed by the athletic footwear manufacturers, and the impetus for the science that drives independent biomechanical and bioengineering studies in relation to athletic footwear. 

Our desire to understand human locomotion and system biomechanics has set the framework for some meaningful advances in sports footwear over the past decade.  Studying specific patterns of foot and lower limb motion has played a fundamental role in refining and improving the stability issues of athletic footwear.  

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical