Retail is just NOT listening to the current thoughts on pronation!

I have just finished some training for technical staff and once more the discussion revolved around questions like "how come there is no dual density midsole?".. or.. "where are the 'motion control' features?

Those of you who know me would understand there is a real threat that anyone who asks me questions like this will receive a swift backhander and be told to leave the room.. but.. it is a problem.. a BIG problem.

You see.. retail have a version of what they think running shoes should look like and should do, and for the vast majority, this version is outdated, inappropriate and.. WRONG.

To say this presents a challenge to the entire industry would be an understatement. To say this makes me fairly froth at the mouth is totally accurate. 

I am more than a little tired of some retail, and I must emphasise that I come into contact with some absolutely brillaint tecchnical retailers who are completely up to date and hugely knowlegable, making decisions based on a 2D rearfoot 'analysis' of gait. This picks up about 25% of the total of all events occurring during the stance phase of gait. I am tired of them then drawing lines with Dartfish, Silicon Coach, Uber or whatever free app they have downloaded onto their I-Pads, and then deciding the punter is an "overpronator". And of course, it is NOT just retail who is guilty of this practice.

So.. hands up.. who out there can give me an accurate definition of what constitutes an overpronator? I know this is a rhetorical question because there IS no definition.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical