Should I run it out, coach?

I used to love playing football on the local parklands oval when I was a kid. Chasing the footy around with your mates, what could be better than that?

And, if we got a bit of an injury or even a really good injury, the coach would always tell us to "run it out!"

Once I had completed my highly successful and decorated football career in the local D grade, I began working with professional football clubs. And it soon became apparent that any coach who told his players to "run it out", especially if the injury was, say, a grade 3 hamstring tear, was destined for the knacker yard.. tout suite!

Rest was the key word, unload the structure, stick it in the air and whack an ice pack on it, we even had a pneumonic for it, RICE: Rest Ice Compression Elevation.

Problem was, players were very slow to return from injury, and, the longer they followed the RICE mantra, the slower they were to get back to chasing the 'ol pigskin!

Something was wrong. 

There was a disconnect between the treatment and return to sport.

Rest simply did not seem to be the answer.

Something was missing.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical