Simon's Adventures in Podiatryland: Part 3 – Never trust a 9 year old!

In our last case study, we discussed Sean’s story, a case that many years later, and thousands of patients, still makes me sad. Happily today I have a far more uplifting ccase for you all, but still, the red flags lurk.

See if you can spot them as I retell Lydia’s Story.

So, Lydia is 9 years old, and man, can she play tennis! I fancy myself with the ‘ol racquet, but Lydia would whip my rosy buttocks so there is no way I am getting on a court with her!

Already considered a prodigy at her tender age, Lydia looks set to conquer the Everest that is professional tennis, however, there is one little storm cloud in an otherwise clear sky, already, by age 9, Lydia is getting injured..

A lot.

She has had well documented biomechanical issues and a long history of both Sever’s disease (calcaneal apophysitis) and Osgood Schlater’s disease (tibial tubercle apophysitis). Not a good combo by any stretch.

So, your trusty correspondent has been fighting a rear-guard action trying to keep the precocious (in talent only, Lydia is lovely!) player on the court. So far so good, but one day Lydia came to see me with something a little bit different, something that just got the old hackles rising.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical