Subsequent injuries are more common than injury recurrences

As a student of the pure and beautiful game of football, that is REAL football, Australian Rules Football, I can tell you that injury is one of the absolute keys to success or failure, especially at the professional level.

I have had 2 stints working as team podiatrist for the mighty Port Power in the Australian Football League, the professional game in Australia. Before that I was team podiatrist to the even mightier Norwood Redlegs for 15 years and experienced 2 premierships. So, in all that time, I have had the opportunity to form an opinion on what leads to success.

The great Carlton coach David Parkin graded every player in the league and gave them a score out of 10. He believed that in the professional game, to win a premiership, the winning team had to have one 10 out of 10 player and 2, 9 out of 10 players. 

australian rules football injured player.jpg

He also believed you needed a lot of luck and a dream run with injury.

How many times, including across all the lesser codes of football like rugby and soccer (hehehe), have we seen the star players struck down by injury, rehabilitated, only to be struck down once more a few short weeks later? I could, off the top of my head, probably name 10 players whose careers have either been drastically shortened or ruined by repetitive injury.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical