Highlights from the 21st Biomechanics Summer School: Benno Nigg

Professor Benno Nigg is no shrinking violet. He peppers his conversations with long, terrifying pauses, presumably while his speech catches up with his monumentally fertile brain!

Nothing escapes his attention, and if you are going to have a conversation with him, or even more daunting, present to him, you better have your thoughts very, very organized!

Benno was the 3rd keynote speaker off the rank, following terrific presentations by Kevin Kirby and Luke Kelly.. for most, he would be on a hiding to nothing, but no such issues for the formidable Professor Nigg.

biomechanics of sport shoes.jpg

Let's take a detailed look at his presentation entitled: The small muscles of the ankle joint.

I am in a very privileged position, because I often get to sit down with Benno and have him explain things to me, so I know that this topic has been front of his mind for a few years.

Benno commenced this lecture with a question:

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical