This is what we know about the Nike Vaporfly 4%/NEXT% so far..

Nike are dominating the race scene with their revolutionary new products, the Vaporfly 4%, the Vaporfly NEXT% and the one off alphaFLY built specifically for Eliud Kipchoge and the INEOS 159 Challenge.

The five fastest men’s marathons in history have all been run in the last 13 months, all by runners wearing Vaporflys. 

This is completely unprecedented. In the past, records have stood for years, and when they are broken, they are usually only lowered by a few seconds.

At the moment, world records are falling by minutes!

Why is this the case? What IS happening here?

There is an awful lot we DO NOT know, but we do have a bit of intel!

This is what has been verified to date.


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Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical