Fatigue: What are the biomechanical consequences, and what do they mean?

A brand new paper is making some real sense of the effect of fatigue on altered biomechanics.

And, if we understand how movement patterns change with fatigue, we can understand more about injury a LOT more!

The paper is entitled: Effects of fatigue on lower limb, pelvis and trunk kinematics and muscle activation: Gender differences, Lessi et al, Journal of Electromyography and KinesiologyVolume 32, February 2017, Pages 9-14.

As one can determine from the title, this paper not only looks at the effects of fatigue on gait mechanics, but how these effects differ between men and women.

As such, I consider this a very important paper.

The conclusions are as follows, and the paper may be read in its entirety here: fatigue gait biomechanics gender.pdf

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical