When the lunatics take over the asylum

Sometimes, just occasionally, I am still shocked by elements of the running community and how they absolutely will NOT accept science over their own opinion.

I suppose I should not be surprised, having survived (just) the vitriol and gross misinformation spreading of the minimalist movement, I should be up for anything. Craig Payne at Running Research Junkie frequently posts about the loonie element of the run community who cherry pick and use confirmation bias to stoke their own infallible views based on their own infallible opinion.

As he puts it nicely: 

"Anecdotes are not evidence"

I was somewhat taken aback by the response to a recent Facebook post I put up in relation to the following abstract presented a day or 2 ago at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference.

Here it is: 

Maximalist Shoes Do Not Reduce Impact Loading During Level And Downhill Running. Cheung et al, 


A new running shoe design called ‘maximalists’, which claims to provide maximal cushioning with its oversized midsole and thus lower the impact loading, becomes more popular among trail runners. Downhill running is an essential component of trail races but it may lead to a greater loading than level running. However, the effects of maximalists on the running biomechanics, especially during downhill running, remain unexamined.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical