Why athletic footwear MUST be rounded

With the NBL finals coming up soon, much attention has been paid to what the stars will be wearing.

And what they will be wearing is very different to past years, because the sole contour is rounded. I bet 5 years ago you would have told your clients this would be a problem, but that was NEVER the case!

Chances are, most practitioners and retail would have associated rounded contours with increased risk of injury, especially ankle injury, but there is not a single shred of evidence to support that notion.

Years ago if a court sport player presented wearing running shoes to play, the medical staff would have sent them home to change shoes. And yet the most popular and "technical" netball shoes, a sport with almost identical biomechanics and loading patterns as basketball, are built from a platform identical to a running shoe.

Has there been an increase in inversion ankle injury? 

Not one that has been measured or reported.

Let's leave all that aside and talk about the reality of modern footwear design. There are a few essentials in my view that dictate really technical and functional athletic footwear, and these rules apply to ALL sports.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical