Why running is bad for you

Running is a very high-risk activity in relation to injury. Between 6 and 8 out of 10 people who take up running WILL get injured.

So, surely it is time to start recommending that people stop running, right?

Well, no. I would never make that recommendation, but it is time to take stock of ourselves and the way we approach running with our patients and customers!

I shall start with my clinician's hat on and say that we have a problem because for the most part the people who present to our clinics are hurt runners, part of the 60 - 80%. And, we tend to get distracted by this, because we want to make them better. So we reach for our treatment box of tricks and try to patch them up.

But, are we really solving the problem?

Let's backtrack a little bit and talk about running and injury. What we do know is that in terms of injury, running is quite a high-risk sport. And the interesting thing about running is that, despite many advances in treatment and external influencers, for example, footwear, the injury rate, 60 - 80%, has not budged since injury rates were first recorded back in the late 70's

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical