The windlass Mechanism does not occur when wearing shoes..

Well I just watched a video where I learned something brand new!

If you are game, you can watch the video here, but it is just one more example of how much errant bullsh*t there is on the internet.

The statement made in the video is as follows

"the windlass mechanicsm does not occur when wearing shoes because shoes do not allow movements in the foot like toe flexion and extension".

Now I am not sure from which orafice the presenter plucked this golden nugget, but let me tell you this is categorically wrong!

If shoes did not allow for flexion and extension at the toes, you simply would not be able to wear them.

A classic example are shoes like the Nike Vaporfly 4% and ASICS Metaride.

These shoes are extremely stiff, and they do NOT allow very much flexion/extension at the 1st MPJ.

But this is by design!

These shoes are designed for specific purposes and to run in not walk.

Athletic footwear companies go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that shoe, in almost any sports category, flex at or close to thhe level of the metatarsal heads.

And... of course.. the Windlass mechanis is happily activated in by far the vast majority of all sports shoes.

Misinformation such as this really should not be posted on the internet.. some poor basta*d is sure to believe this nonsense!


Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical