Injury Jan 2019

Tendinopathy the importance of staging and role of compression

Tendon problems are common in runners and can become a persistent issue if not properly treated.

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Injury Dec 2018

Navicular stress fracture

One of THE most difficult and frustrating injuries in all of sports medicine, navicular strees fracture can end a career!

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Injury Dec 2018

Metatarsalgia... use this term at your peril!

Do NOT use the term metatarsalgia around me!!

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Injury Dec 2018

Achilles tendon webinar

This webinar covers very recent concepts for the management and rehabilitation of Achilles tendinopathy

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Injury Nov 2018

What do you believe? Calcaneal spurs: do they matter?

Do they matter or do they not? WWell, this piece might change your mind!

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Injury Oct 2018

Hallux Rigidus: A tough nut to crack!

One of the most troubling conditions in all of sports medicine

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Injury Sep 2018

Non resolving ankle pain? look for Osteochondral fractures

Let's explore one of the most consistent causes of non-resolving pain after significant inversion injury.

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Injury Aug 2018

Plantar Heel Pain part 3. The final chapter!

Here is the final part of my PHP series. What the evidence says works!

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Injury Aug 2018

Injuries around the 5th metatarsal base. So MUCH confusion!

There are many things that can cause pain around the base of the 5th MT, and, a lot of cunfusion!

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