Injury Aug 2018

Plantar heel pain part 3

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Injury Aug 2018

Injuries around the 5th metatarsal base. So MUCH confusion!

There are many things that can cause pain around the base of the 5th MT, and, a lot of cunfusion!

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Injury Aug 2018

What MIGHT work for Plantar Heel Pain: part 2 of the series

If you use ESWT, manual therapies, stretching, night splints or strengthening as a part of your treatment of PHP, read this!

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Injury Aug 2018

Plantar Heel Pain: How you treat it may not be evidence based

The most comon condition we treat and there are a million ways to treat it. But, according to the evidence, what REALLY works?

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Injury Jul 2018

Gluteal tendinopathy: A concise overview of current evidence

The Running Physio, Mr.Tom Goom from the UK, on the very topical subject of gluteal tendinopathy.

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Injury Jun 2018

Why tibial stress fractures occur posteromedially... usually!

Tibial stress fractures, almost always occur on the posterior aspect of the tibia. Now, why is that?

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Injury May 2018

Foot Strike change reduces risk of tibial stress fracture, but what injuries will it increase the risk of?

Acute Changes in Foot Strike Pattern and Cadence Affect Running Parameters Associated with Tibial Stress Fractures.

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Injury May 2018

What are the injuries in Australian Football and are we winning the war?

Australian Rules Football is a game played by big, strong, fast people who collide hard and wear no protective armour.

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Injury May 2018

Simon's adventures in Podiatryland: Part 5 - A simple ankle sprain?

This lady had her injury diagnosed as a Grade 2 inversion ankle sprain. As it turns out, it was much, MUCH more than that!

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Injury May 2018

Simon's adventures in Podiatryland: Part 4 - Marco's feet are on fire!

I hate it when people tell me their feet are burning. But when it is a 12 year telling me this, my radar starts humming.

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Injury Apr 2018

Simon's Adventures in Podiatryland: Part 3 – Never trust a 9 year old!

Here is a tale of a prodigious tennis talent who is only 9 years old, who came to see me with "shin splints" or did she?

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