Injury May 2019

Posterior impingement and Os Trigonum taping

how to tape for posterior impingement and os trigonum syndromes

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Injury May 2019

What's the gold-standard treatment of PosteriorTib tendon dysfunction?

This is a difficult and often severely progressive disorder.

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Injury May 2019

Cuboid syndrome - is it real?

There is some controvery over this condition. onee things for sure, it hurts!

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Injury May 2019

High ankle injury incidence is increasing. A serious injury!

What I would consider to be amongst the top 4 most important footballing injuries.

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Injury Feb 2019

A commentary on Tibialis posterior injury

Some final thoughts on tibialis posterior injury

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Injury Feb 2019

Tibial posterior tendon dysfunction in the athlete.

Tibialis posterior dysfunction can have disasterous effect of the foot

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Injury Jan 2019

Tibialis Posterior Injuries Part 1

Injuries to the muscle of tibialis posterior and its attendant tendon are common across a broad age range of sport.

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Injury Jan 2019

By injury..My top 5 questions and top 5 tests to use BEFORE prescribing orthoses.

How to ask the right questions and implement the correct clinical tests to make the decision about whether to use an orthosis

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Injury Jan 2019

Turf toe - more than meets the eye?

Problems around the 1st MPJ are often trivialised, but, they can be a BIG problem with serious down time.

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