News May 2019

The latest from New Balance - FuelCell.

n New FuelCell product from NB looks different. is it?

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News May 2019

Is there an advantage to isometrics in tendinopathy rehab?

Isometric exercise as an initial treatment and in-season pain management for tendinopathies has become the latest trend.

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News May 2019

Time is running out! Last chance to register.

This will be a comprehensive discussion on the most comprehensive MSK conditions

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News May 2019

Edwin Flack - Australia's first sports superstar!

A dual Olympic gold medallist in 1896, Edwin Flack holds a special place in history.

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News May 2019

Speckle Tracking Ultrasonography: What the heck is it and can it give us a clearer picture of MSK injury?

A new technique to analyse muscle strain non invasively?

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News May 2019

Continuous low-intensity ultrasound attenuates inflammatory markers and repairs chondral fissures..

some promising new research on the therapeutic effect of ultrasound

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News Mar 2019

Pod cast with...The Physical Performance show by Brad Beer

If you like athletic footwear, have a listen to this interview with sports pod Paul Griffin and myself!

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News Jan 2019

Running shoe prescription: What do we REALLY know?

Can we really make accurate footwear decision?

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News Dec 2018

Should everyone run at 180 steps per minute

The myths are countless, one of my personal faves is that everyone should run with a cadence of 180 steps per minute. In this ar

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News Dec 2018

Do foot orthoses and shock absorbing insoles work for the prevention of injury?

There is always a lot of chatter about when a shoe should be exchanged for new, but does anyone really know when, and if you don

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