News Jan 2019

Running shoe prescription: What do we REALLY know?

Can we really make accurate footwear decision?

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News Dec 2018

Should everyone run at 180 steps per minute

The myths are countless, one of my personal faves is that everyone should run with a cadence of 180 steps per minute. In this ar

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News Dec 2018

Do foot orthoses and shock absorbing insoles work for the prevention of injury?

There is always a lot of chatter about when a shoe should be exchanged for new, but does anyone really know when, and if you don

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News Dec 2018

A new research update

All the latest articles of interest to keep you completely up to date!

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News Dec 2018

Research Update

In-shoe multi-segment foot kinematics of children during the propulsive phase of walking and running, and biomechanical variable

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News Nov 2018

Postcard from the New york City Marathon 2018

I attended my umpteeth marathon last week, and saw a few surprises!

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News Jul 2018

Welcome to the ALL NEW Bartold Clinical

The new website is finally here. Tell us what you think and give us your suggestions.

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News Jul 2018

Does taping work for plantar heel pain? A new clinical prediction rule

I use taping routinely for my plantar heel pain patients. But is there a way we can predict better outcomes with taping?

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News Jun 2018

The way we treat non-traumatic MSK pain is failing

Those who treat sports injuries and MSK issues are swamped by the suggestion that what we habitually do is NOT evidence based.

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News Jun 2018

Risk classification of patients referred to secondary care for low back pain

Comparing two screening tools, the STarT Back Screening Tool against the Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire.

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