Footwear May 2018

Do orthoses have a role in the treatment of Patellofemoral pain?

Quite a controversial question, is it appropriate to use orthoses in the management of patellofemoral pain, and, do they work?

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Injury Apr 2018

Simon's Adventures in Podiatryland: Part 3 – Never trust a 9 year old!

Here is a tale of a prodigious tennis talent who is only 9 years old, who came to see me with "shin splints" or did she?

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Injury Apr 2018

Simon's adventures in Podiatryland: Part 2 – A tale to make you weep

Number 2 in a series of clinical cases hoisting BIG red flags to the top of the flag pole. In today's episode, midfoot pain.

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Injury Apr 2018

Simon's adventures in Podiatryland: Part 1 - Strange things

Here is a little series to help you clinically and to act as a warning to never sit in the comfort zone.

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Science Apr 2018

The concept of neural tagging

Neural tagging and central sensitization may provide some of the answers. And you can do something about this clinically.

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News Apr 2018

Consensus statement on plantar heel pain

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons has released their Clinical Consensus Statement.

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News Mar 2018

Does conventional footwear reduce intrinsic muscle strength?

A new paper contending use of conventional modern shoes is associated with weaker intrinsic foot muscles and more.

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Footwear Mar 2018

Minimalist, maximalist, barefoot, cushioning?

I recently listened to a podcast talking in part about footwear in these terms, and postulating what might or might not work.

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Science Mar 2018

Biphosphonates and bone healing. A safe option?

In a world of new wonder treatments, we need to take a dispassionate look at the evidence for therapies.

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Injury Mar 2018

A condition that causes increased tremor, greater postural sway, dangerous ligamentous laxity AND flat feet?

What if I told you that such a condition exists and it is endemic in female athletes AND it puts them at risk of injury?

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