Science Dec 2017

Cuboid syndrome - is it real?

I recently viewed with interest a Facebook video posting asserting that Cuboid Syndrome was an inappropriate name.

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Sport Dec 2017

Women in sport: Part 2

There is a lot of folklore and myth related to pregnancy and exercise, let's take a look at the latest research.

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Sport Dec 2017

Women in sport: Part 1

The issues for the sporting female are often not front and centre, but incredibly important to every sports practitioner.

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Injury Dec 2017

When Achilles tendon rupture puts the knee at risk

How many of us are able to bust out of our traditional anatomical learning patterns and actually think about cause and effect?

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Science Nov 2017

Do orthoses work? Does foot strengthening work?

Two questions and so important to have answers because these two techniques are so ingrained in musculoskeletal medicine.

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Injury Nov 2017

A discussion on all things running: Part 2

We take a look at the effect of biomechanics on injury and try to get an answer to the question: Is there a link?

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Injury Nov 2017

A discussion on all things running: Part 1

Is it fatigue that alters running biomechanics and causes injury? Or is it altered biomechanics?

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Opinion Nov 2017

Postcard from the New York City Marathon

My man on the ground report on this year's NYC Marathon. You will laugh, you will cry, oh... the drama!

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Science Oct 2017

Ever wondered if supplements really work for Osteoarthritis?

Well, I definitely have and have viewed them with suspicion (whilst occasionally trying them myself!)

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News Oct 2017

A new paper underlines that all tendons are NOT created equal!

There seems to be an assumption that all tendons behave the same and should, therefore, be treated in the same way.

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