Athletic Footwear: The Masterclass Seminar Now Online

If you treat athletes in your clinical environment or advise them in a technical retail setting, you WILL frequently be asked about what is the most appropriate footwear.

So, if you want to be a true expert at what you do, you MUST have an advanced knowledge of the sports footwear landscape, and that knowledge must be completely up to date.
This is what sets you apart and enhances your clinical or retail acumen.

On behalf of Bartold Clinical, we are delighted to announce the online version of the acclaimed seminar, Athletic Footwear: The Masterclass.
Athletic Footwear: The Masterclass has been acknowledged as the premier educational platform for athletic footwear, in the world.

Watch a walkthrough below of what is included in the Masterclass.

This seminar has been conducted and refined across the globe over the past 3 years, and is a comprehensive Tour de Force of all aspects of athletic footwear. It is suitable for everyone and anyone.  Those that prescribe, design, develop, research, sell and wear athletic footwear.  That includes health clinicians such as Podiatrists, physio’s, chiro’s,  sports medicine doctors, personal trainers, running coaches, retail staff, corporates and anyone and anything in between!

You will learn advanced concepts on the technical aspects of sports shoes right from the very beginnings of the industry, and the emergence of companies like Nike from behind their origins, Blue Ribbon Sports, to the challenges facing us all in the future, for example, the impact on the environment.

You will hone you clinical and retail skills by gaining an advanced understanding of manufacturing techniques, materials, design, the development process and athlete-specific footwear recommendation.

Your learning experience consists of over 12 hours of valuable CPD via video modules, and includes live filmed practical sessions to guide you through topics like lacing techniques for injury and foot morphology, and what constitutes abnormal shoe wear and how to recognize it.


The Masterclass also presents practical clinical and retail opportunities to expand your businesses, and gives you the edge over your peers by lifting the lid on the secrets of what is coming in the very near future.

It is fair to say that fortune will favour those who are informed and are prepared for these exciting opportunities!

Athletic Footwear: The Masterclass is quite simply the premier educational opportunity of 2020.


Some images of Simon Bartold leading the Athletic Footwear: The Masterclass seminar.


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