Bartold Clinical Courses: The New Addition To Our Online Learning Platform

Bartold Clinical Courses – Now Live!

Bartold Clinical is proudly introducing the brand-new educational hub for the best online platform for sports education, right on Bartold Clinical! Bartold Clinical Courses are an invaluable training tool practitioners,  retailers, and professionals treating athletes.

We have endeavoured to build the most complete and flexible online courses available and make it the most valuable online learning tool. 


“Why did I start Bartold Clinical?

We want the lights to go on… What I love more than anything is to see people going down one path and leading them down another…”

  Simon Bartold


Osteochondroses Of The Foot And Leg Course

With the launch of Bartold Clinical Courses, we are releasing our brand-new, highly anticipated “Osteochondroses Of The Foot And Leg” course, which will provide vital new and clinically applicable information on these common and important MSK conditions! Prepare to change the way you manage foot and leg osteochondroses!

Our Bartold Clinical Courses are a once-off purchase with access to over 100 resources.

The Osteochondroses of the Foot and Leg course consists of:

  • 8 modules describing the major osteochondroses encountered in clinical practice
  • More than 30 hours of the highest quality and latest evidence-based CPD
  • Studio produced videos, discussion papers, structured written lessons, downloadable resources and exams

Courses are updated regularly to ensure the latest knowledge and research is represented and challenges the clinician!

We have also included an updated 2021 version of our wildly popular Musculoskeletal Injury (MSK) course. It consists of 4 main modules Heel Pain, Knee Pain, Achilles Pain and Shin Pain, available for the FIRST time as individual courses, or in full, at a discounted rate! 

Gain insider knowledge from the industry experts and boost your clinical practice! Bartold Clinical Courses are ideal for those:

  • Who are seeking a career in sports medicine, sports science, sports management, etc.
  • Who are Practitioners or Health Clinicians of all levels of experience such as Podiatrists, Physios, Chiros, Sports Medicine Doctors, Personal Trainers, Running Coaches, Retail Staff, Corporates, etc.
  • Who are students who are studying medicine, physical education, human biology, MD courses, DPT courses, sports-related fields, etc.
  • That prescribes, design, develop, research, sell and wear athletic footwear.
  • Who are seeking the very best clinical advice.
  • Who wish to elevate their clinical skills and gain a clinical edge
  • Who are anyone and anything in between!



Continuing Professional Development is the life-long learning for registered and practising medical professionals and those who hold a current CPR certificate to meet the requirements of the Podiatry Board of Australia. Gain over 30 hours of CPD points and a CPD certificate for Australian users!

Introductory Bartold Clinical Courses Prices

Make sure you take advantage of our incredible, limited-time introductory offer of $99USD (RRP$199USD) for the new “Osteochondroses Of The Foot And Leg” course!

Not a member? Don’t miss out on the $1 Membership offer, only valid in May 2021!

Sign up for an annual membership or monthly membership today here.


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*Previous Bartold Gold enrollees will receive complimentary access to the updated MSK course. Bartold Gold will soon be absorbed into Bartold Clinical Courses, found on, to make 1 single hub for the best place for sports education!

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