Bone Stress Injuries in Runners Using “Super Shoes”.

I have posted many times following the progress and potential benefits of “Super Shoes” here at Bartold Clinical. You can refresh your memory here, here, here, here, and here. To reiterate, by my definition to be classified as a “Super Shoe”, it must have ALL of the following: Thick, high tech midsole foam A carbon…

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical

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4 responses to “Bone Stress Injuries in Runners Using “Super Shoes”.”

  1. Could it be that peak vGRF created by the CFP are the cause of the navicular stress response i.e. vertical stress upwards through the mets, as opposed to increased ankle DF with traditional shoes?

  2. It makes sense that the midfoot joints may be vulnerable here as during propulsive phase of gait, the mtpjs are restricted in their motion, relying instead on a generic rigid FF rocker with a location, curvature and rotational axis that clearly cannot line up with those of the individual mtpjs, nor with the angle of foot progression in most individuals. This brings the compensatory duties up the foot to the next level of joints.

    • Great comment George! One of the biggest issues with these shoes is that all load and reaction has to occur at exactly the right time and place for the shoes to work properly. If that does not happen, the runner will not respond, or, may get injured.

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