Carbon Plated Footwear Podcast

Simon Bartold and Paul Griffin chat with Brad Beer on the Physical Performance Show Podcast to discuss carbon Plated Footwear.

We were delighted to be given the opportunity to chat with Brad again.  Please subscribe to his channel and rate/ comment away!

As per, straight from the Podcast description on Brad’s Channel;

“In this expert edition featuring the team from Bartold Clinical, Simon Bartold and Paul Griffin discuss all things carbon fibre technology in shoes and what the technology means to elite runners and everyday runners.

Specifically, on this episode, we’ll explore the chronology of the carbon plate innovation in shoes. We explore the mechanisms, the purported mechanisms by which this technology works and you may be very surprised on what Simon and Paul share around the proposed mechanisms. We talk about the role of the plates in the shoes, the role of the foam, the geometry of the shoe, the role of placebo and so much more. We talk about the evidence for and against the effect of these shoes for the running injury profile. We discussed who and how these shoes can be worn, other brands; what they are up to outside of Nike with their own carbon fibre plate technologies. World Athletics rulings advice to help practitioners and we answer some questions from listeners that came forward ahead of this recording.


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