Codi Ramsey

Codi Ramsey is currently the Academic Lead for the Master’s of Applied Science Program at Otago Polytechnic Limited, in Dunedin, New Zealand.
Codi earned a PhD in Physiotherapy from Otago University (Dunedin) in 2018 that focussed on using the Footwear Asymmetry Score Tool (FAST) to collect and evaluate objective footwear measurements among novice runner’s shoes. The research from the PhD has carried over into an academic career and advancing novel studies using the FAST and I implement the tool in lectures and labs. 
Codi’s has a background in mid-long distance running, health promotion specialist and physical education which has provided the passion to explore the topic of athletic footwear from a complex systems perspective and explore ways in which we can bridge the gap between the athletes, footwear retailers, manufacturers, researchers, and governing bodies. 
It’s an exciting time to be an early career researcher in footwear with a lifetime of opportunities ahead!

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