The Future of Athletic Footwear: What does it look like?

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Take this journey into the future to better equip and inform your current decision making and.. prepare your self for what is coming!

Athletic Footwear is arguably THE fastest changing component of our practices or retail stores. What we thought we knew 6 months ago, is already out of date. The excitement of the “supershoes” has shifted gears to the new ‘hypershoes”, and our understanding of what might be important in terms of design, has undergone a major pivot.

So what does it look like right now, and, what can we expect? How do we keep up to date in this continually shifting landscape?

This narrated powerpoint video will take you step by step through what you need to know.

how does the design process begin?
How does it evolve over the 18 month development process?
what HAS changed in the last year or two?
What should we be preparing for in the future?
how CAN this help our practices or stores

The answers are right here in this 90 minute video!

New information is what keeps us ahead of the pack, and if you want that edge, this is for you!

This IS a journey, from the present right now, to the future, and it will bring you right up to date on all aspects of athletic footwear.

Proudly brought to you by Bartold Clinical.

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