Athletic Footwear: the Masterclass comes to New Zealand!

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At last, Athletic Footwear: the Masterclass comes to New Zealand!

On Friday, March 20th, 2020, at AUT, the premier educational event of the year will take place in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand.


You will attend the much acclaimed and previously sold out Athletic Footwear: The Masterclass, presented by Simon Bartold and Bartold Clinical.

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This is your opportunity to be TOTALLY IMMERSED in the world of athletic footwear, and have complete access to one of the world's leading sports footwear experts, with more than 30 years experience in the industry.

The 2020 Masterclass has been completely refreshed and rewritten to cover all the critical issues of the day, including the impact of 3D prinitng, robotics and Artificial Intellegence (AI) solutions.

You will come away ready to put into practice what you have learned in your clinic on Monday morning!
If you want to be ahead of the pack, and really want to understand sports footwear, you MUST attend Athletic Footwear: The Masterclass.

Included in the registration, which  is NOW OPEN, are all reference materials, including pre-reading, a copy of the entire presentation, continuous tea and coffe, and a delicious lunch.

In all, an unbelievable opportunity.
This event SOLD OUT in 10 minutes in 2018, so you must act NOW, or miss out!

Registrations are NOW OPEN, and... be quick!

Who Is This For?
If you're a dedicated professional wanting to further your knowledge in athletic footwear then this masterclass is a must-do.

Join Podiatrists, Physios, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Doctors, Exercise Physiologists, Sports Scientists and Retailers for a fun and fascinating day on the latest in athletic footwear.

 What You Will Learn

The history of athletic footwear.
The anatomy of a modern running shoe.
Different shoes for different sports - running, football, tennis, basketball, cycling.
How does foot type affect footwear prescription?
The brands; what do they offer and is one better than another?
Which types of shoes result in the lowest injury rates?
Maximalist and minimalist shoes explored - what's all the fuss about?
How does shoe drop affect injury rates?
Which shoes should you recommend to your runners?
Categorisation of footwear; motion control, cushioning, neutral - where’s the evidence?
How to test athletic footwear and use this to make accurate recommendations.
The retail and medical perspectives and what they can learn from each other.
Gait analysis and the shoe selection process - a new algorithm.
From idea to the slatwall - the development process.
Continuity vs innovation.
Trends; the past, present and future - what to expect!

Futurism - you better be ready!


And.. much more..

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical

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