Foot Orthotic Prescribing: Do we have it right?

The approaches to foot orthotic prescribing evolve over time, as more is learnt, more research is conducted, more thought experiments are thought through and the models or paradigms that underpin clinical practice are evaluated in those constantly changing contexts.
The only constant over the years has been this constantly changing context in which foot orthotic prescribing takes place.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical

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2 responses to “Foot Orthotic Prescribing: Do we have it right?”

  1. Love your thoughts here! Well explained! Do you find that the maturing athlete with medial knee pain usually does better with a device that is posted in a values direction in the rear foot?

    • it is very controversial Rob! I did some work with Kim Bennell at Melbourne Uni a while back looking at this issue, and showing significant inprovement in medial knee pain secondary to OA. But since that wqas published, there has been mixed confirmation of those results..

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