The Footwear Smokescreen

This is very interesting, and please understand that we are in no way assuming guilt by association – This is simply a thought experiment and we invite discussion.

Mathew Kosgei, is half way through a 4 year ban by the anti doping agency of Kenya.  He is the husband of women’s World Marathon record holder, Brigid Kosgei.

Brigid Kosgei pulverised Paula Radcliffe’s world women’s marathon record in October, and it was widely reported her Nike Next % shoes played a large role in this feat.


This leads into a very interesting hypothetical I had during my discussion with Sports Scientist Alex Hutchinson, soon to be heard in an upcoming, yet to be released Bartold Clinical Shoephoria Podcast 

In it we discuss the notion that some of the vast improvements we have seen with the shoe, may not be due to the shoes at all, but they provide a very convenient excuse.


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    • No Steve, that is not an automatic requirement oddly enough But with the new technology.. even if they did get tested, they probably would not get busted!

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