Gait Analysis: Why We Shouldn’t Ignore The Swing Phase of Gait

Dr Andy Franklyn Miller is a friend who, pre-Covid, shared his time between Melbourne, Australia, and Dublin, Ireland. You can only imagine what his frequent flyer portfolio looked like! Andy is a renowned Sports Medicine Doctor, researcher and author.  After Medical School, Andy joined the Royal Navy and served with the Royal Marines before starting…

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical

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2 responses to “Gait Analysis: Why We Shouldn’t Ignore The Swing Phase of Gait”

  1. Be interesting to know if a good swing phase is akin to an athlete using his arms in a CMJ i.e get more vertical height, in running they could achieve the required vertical oscillation for less effort.
    Therefore a good athlete achieves their vertical oscillation for less. The swinging leg may also help counterbalance the runners CoM/centre of activity.

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