Heel pain: What retail needs to know!

  Plantar heel pain is one of the most common and troublesome conditions in the community. Technical retail are often confronted by this problem. Here’s what you need to know! Feel free to share with your clients.   Plantar heel pain is, like Prince, the condition formerly known as plantar fasciitis. The reason we try…

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical

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  1. Hi Fabien. Well I think both are real, and fat pad atrophy for sure can be a problem, especially after a steroid injection has gone wrong! I tried to keep this post simple and focus on the most common form of PHP, that being issues with the PF itself, but it is timely you mention the plantar fat pad, because it seems variation in the material propertied of the PFP may well contribute to thhe symptoms of PHP by diminishing the energy dissipation capability of the fat pad. best S

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