High Medial Shin Pain. What Might It Be?

If we were engaged in one of those on-line clinical sports medicine quizzes and we gave you the following information, what would be your diagnosis? Pain experienced approximately 10-12 cms along the posteromedial aspect of the tibia Gradual onset of pain over a prolonged period. Exacerbation of pain on ascending or descending stairs, walking steep…

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical

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  1. I use diagnostic ultrasound to inform clinical decision making in my practice. I am in the process of finishing my foot and ankle sonography course which doesn’t cover the knee (strangely). Anyway I have done some self directed independent study of the knee and found this area particularly interesting. Thanks for the article guys – being involved with runners and using 3D gait assessment technology ( historically but also restarting again soon) I have seen a couple of patients with upper medial tibia pain where they exhibit increased valgus knee positions. This is a really important area to be aware of as a podiatrist and all pods seeing sports people would do well to read more on this subject. The unfortunate thing is we often see them when typically they haven’t responded to physiotherapy and/or where they have been misdiagnosed.

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