Let’s Discuss A New Paper In Support Of “Motion Control Shoes”

A brand new paper has just been published concluding that ‘motion control shoes’ may reduce the risk of pronation-related running injuries. However, all is not as it seems with this conclusion. There is a LOT of chatter on social media about this paper, which either supports one’s personal bias or aggravates it!  We have a…

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical

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  1. I meant to ask this a bit ago. Can you describe the anatomical last? I reached out to our Nike rep about it and his response was “Colin – it isn’t a anatomical last- one of our standard lasts with wider nets.”

    • Hi Colin.. I hope all is well. There are very few shoes being built offf a true anatomical last.. mostly the ones we have been working on, a netball shoe and the Osaka Ido. The reason for this is that we have collaborated with RS Labs in Belgian, who have pioneered the concept of an anatomical last, which, unlike all other lasts, is not flat on the bottom, but contoured like a foot. the reason this is uncommon is becasue it is only recently that manufacturing technology has been able to execute the construction process using this type of last. There are huge benefits in terms of fit and function.

  2. I seen to remember an Adidas shoe (Osweego I believe) from back in the ’90s that had a forefoot posting and then it disappeared. I was told that the reason was that someone had the rights to forefoot posting and wanted a fortune to allow it’s use in shoe contruction.

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