Athletic Footwear – The Masterclass

Athletic Footwear: The Masterclass has been presented by Bartold Clinical all over the world to more than 600 clinicians and technical retail personnel.

It was conceived as a vehicle to inform on athletic footwear at the very highest level, and to equip those who attend the Masterclass to enter the Athletic Footwear Industry should they wish. Alternately, many have attended to gain a knowledge advantage and to improve their clinical practice.

The Masterclass is completely up to date with all the modern trends of all aspects of Athletic footwear, and is highly evidence based.

It offers more than 12 hours of the highest quality CPD available anywhere, and has been highly acclaimed wherever it has been conducted.

Part 1 – A Brief History of Athletic Footwear

Covers the history of footwear and the evolution of modern Athletic footwear through that last 150 years to today. We take a deep dive into the “big 7” companies that have shaped the landscape of modern sports footwear, covering Nike, Brooks, ASICS, adidas, Puma, Saucony and New Balance.

An intriguing Chapter, uncovering many unknown facts and plenty of skeletons in the closet. CPD credits 1.5


Part 2 – Anatomy of Modern Athletic Footwear

An in-depth look at the technical details of footwear manufacture necessary for advanced knowledge of the topic. This chapter examines important topics like lasts and lasting, and how these have evolved in modern times. Myths are exploded as we deal only with the facts.

We then turn our attention to the manufacturing techniques and explain common processes such as slip lasting, combination lasting and Strobel lasting and where these techniques fit into, or if they fit into modern athletic footwear manufacturing.

Included in this chapter is a practical considerations workshop on these techniques. CPD credits 1.5

Practical Considerations Workshop on lacing techniques CPD credits 0.25

Part 2 – Anatomy of Modern Athletic Footwear continued..

We continue to examine the important aspects of footwear anatomy, and this section concentrates on key features of the midsole, the upper and the outsole. We examine exactly what purpose each component has, and how this is rapidly evolving with high-tech materials like PEBA and advanced upper construction techniques.

You will learn where different rubber compounds fit in, depending on use, and how to spot these instantly in a shoe.

We discuss stack and drop, and take a deep dive into midsole materials and define the manufacturing techniques Compression Molded EVA and Injection Molded EVA, outlining relative advantages and disadvantages.

This section also includes a Practical Considerations Workshop. CPD credits 1.5

Practical Considerations Workshop on what we have learned so far. CPD credits 0.25


Part 3 – Things that effect EVA

Learn how to instantly spot issues with athletic footwear midsoles, and understand how body weight, temperatures and even chemicals can effect the properties of midsole. Understand what to expect in terms of durability and how to make recommendations to your patients. Following a Practical Considerations Workshop, we take a deep dive into one of the great myths of athletic footwear, that cushioning reduces impact and protects from injury.

All the latest and historic evidence is presented to bring you completely up to date on this highly important and controversial topic. CPD credits 1.5

We then turn our attention to Plates, stacks, cushioning and BLING

There are some big surprises in this highly entertaining section of Part 3. Everyone has heard about the new and every growing category known as the super shoes. These shoes are characterised by a carbon plate, large stack heights with highly technical midsole materials, and geometric midsole design, including pronounced rocker.

Can these shoes really reduce the energy cost of running, can they make you run faster?

Find out in this chapter, backed up with all the current research. CPD credits 1.5


Part 4 – Buried, burnt and pushed off the cliff!

Papers we need to discuss and things we need to stop talking about!

This interactive session examines some of the key papers in the scientific literature that have shaped modern thinking. There are some real surprises here, and we apply the scientific blowtorch to a couple. This will help you flex your critical thinking muscles and demonstrate how to critically review  research.

We then turn our attention to arguably the most important part of the entire Masterclass: Assessing Athletic Footwear – where to start? What do you need to do to truly understand sports footwear?

This examines some of the great paradigms that has driven athletic footwear design over the past 40 years. Specifically we delve deep into the concept of motion control and pronation, and cushioning.

We offer up intriguing new concepts for what really is important, and parlay this to your daily practice. CPD credits 2.0


Part 5 – A Journey From Start to Finish of Innovative Footwear

Literally as the title promises, we show you the exact process of what it takes to build technical athletic footwear, from the seed of an idea, to the production reality in store on the slat wall!

CPD credits 0.5


Part 6 – The Future and Futurism

In this section you will learn to understand that the future is here, and be presented with unique opportunities to add to the financial stability of you practice. Emerging midsole technology, 3D printing, robotics, knitted uppers and hypertailoring,  and smart shoes that gather data are all discussed in detail.

We then turn our attention to the trend that will affect not only the industry, but also your businesses. Rapidly escalating manufacturing costs have forced companies to rethink their factories. Sustainability and the environment is THE critical problem to be solved by the industry. On-line sales have redefined the retail landscape. What CAN we expect?

We then look at what is coming fast.. athletic footwear that IS the orthotic device via sophisticated 3D printed mesh latices, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

Be prepared, or miss the huge opportunities that will present! CPD credits 2.0

We promise you will leave Athletic Footwear: The Masterclass buzzing with new information and ideas. Some of which WILL change the way you run your business!


Part 7 – Simon Bartold and Paul Griffin Discussion

Simon and Paul find themselves boxed in by their ever growing footwear collections, and share their thoughts on the current state of the nation.

This video explains some of the unique manufacturing and design techniques that have been employed in recent projects they have worked on.

They also review some recent iconic models, including the Nike Vaporfly 4% and explain some of the pros and cons. CPD credits – 1.5


Part 8 – Practical Considerations of Footwear Selection

How many times have you been asked “what is the normal life of a running shoe”, or, “what does this wear pattern mean”? And there is so much misinformation on both of these questions out there, that getting the facts is difficult.

This  section clears up the questions and makes practical suggestions on how to best advise your patients and clients.

We also discuss the very important topic of children in sport, and why children have very specific footwear needs that are different to adults. CPD credits – 1.0