Opinion September 17, 2020

An opinion on ‘That’ Heel Pain STAP-Study

I have been reading and conducting research for more than…

News September 4, 2020

Here is another ‘Super Shoe”!

As the latest offering to jump on the super shoe…

Podcast August 12, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast with Prof Irene Davis

Our guest for SHOEphoria Episode 9 is a clinician, a…

Science August 10, 2020

The biomechanical effects of pronated foot‐function on gait

This brand new study has just been published It just…

News August 3, 2020

The Mizuno Enerzy

Recently, Japanese sporting goods manufacturer Mizuno flagged the release of…

News July 31, 2020

The Bad Old Days of Running Shoes!

I had a message from my old friend Steve yesterday,…

Podcast July 22, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast with Deena Kastor

Deena Kastor is quite simply one of the best female…

Footwear July 20, 2020

New Balance enter the “Super Shoe” race with a cracker!

New Balance has had a very strong road running range…

News July 13, 2020

An interesting story is breaking out of UK Sport this morning.

British Cycling, who won 8 golds in 2012, and UK…

Podcast June 26, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast with Amby Burfoot

Legend is a word that is often bandied around, and…





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