News May 18, 2020

MSK Online Course Heavily Reduced for One Week Only

COVID-19 has touched every single one of us, and, given…

Opinion May 15, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast Emergency Motion Control Episode

Motion control features in running shoes are a thing of…

Injury May 13, 2020

Tibial Stress Fracture – Examination Techniques and Differential Diagnosis

This video has had over 140000 views on another Youtube…

Footwear May 12, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast Episode 5 – Jim Monahan

James Edward Monahan III (Jim) was always going to have…

News May 6, 2020

Corticosteroid Injections: Glass half-full, half-empty or full then empty?

Dr. John Orchard is a highly experienced Sports Physician who…

Opinion May 4, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast Episode 4 – Dr Codi Ramsey

  Dr Codi Ramsey is a loud and proud scientific…

News April 30, 2020

Can Ultrasound Accurately Diagnose fractures?

Diagnosis of avulsion fractures of the distal fibula after lateral…

Footwear April 20, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast Episode 3 – Jeff Dengate

Jeff is Runner-in-Chief (Editor in Chief) for Runner’s World, guiding…

Footwear April 6, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast Episode #2 – Alex Hutchinson

Right now we are negotiating many interesting aspects of athlete…

Opinion April 2, 2020

The Footwear Smokescreen

This is very interesting, and please understand that we are…





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