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Osteochondroses of the Foot and Leg - Course

The Osteochondroses of the Foot and Leg consists of 8 modules describing the major osteochondroses encountered in clinical practice.

Each module contains 4-6 lessons, with the entire course presenting more than 30 hours of the highest quality and latest evidence based CPD. The entire course will be updated regularly to ensure the latest knowledge and research is represented, and new modules will be added, for example Perthe’s Disease.

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The osteochondroses are a group of disorders that affect the epiphysis or epiphyseal equivalent segments of the immature skeleton. These disorders are believed to be primarily the result of traumatic or vascular pathology, often in the setting of overuse, and are usually, but not always, self-limited.

The osteochondroses of the foot and leg present challenges to the clinician, and via studio produced videos, discussion papers, structured written lessons, and downloadable resources we hope to help navigate you through rapidly changing concepts.

Studio quality videos, discussion papers, structured written lessons, downloadable resources and exams await you.

We hope you enjoy.

The Growing Athlete - Webinar

The webinar aims to provide you with the practical advice and guidance you need to reshape the future of healthcare by learning how to recognise, assess, diagnose and treat injuries to the growing athlete. Learn how to effectively treat children’s physiological, psychological and chronological sport issues.

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