SHOEphoria Podcast Emergency Motion Control Episode

Motion control features in running shoes are a thing of the past but we can’t seem to shake it in retail or clinician referrals.

Paul Griffin and Simon Bartold discuss the disconnect that exists between running shoe brand development and what is being advised to consumers via running retail and referring health clinicians.

We discuss some results from a recent Bartold Clinical running industry survey where 200 responders, mainly made up of referring health practitioners, told us what we already knew…. the landscape is a ‘dogs breakfast’.

The message is clear, It’s time to move on and talk a new evidence based language and those who do not adapt can expect to have poorer outcomes and risk losing the most valuable thing to us all, consumer and patient trust.

Education is the key and we hope to provide Bartold Clinical listeners and followers with the tools to stay on top of the latest evidence based developments from brands and segue this to retail and health clinicians.

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If you are wondering who we are, Bartold Clinical is an educational platform that delivers evidence based lower limb sports medicine and athletic footwear education to a global audience.

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